Natural bio-active skincare at its most authentic: no water, no alcohol, just pure organic cold-pressed extract free form harmful contaminants.

Protects, softens, deeply moisturizes, and strengthens your skin's protective barrier.

Ex Prūnīs is multi-functional beauty oil. It works as an intensive antioxidant treatment on all skin types and also hair! It is sensorial-rich nourishing oil with a marzipan-like scent that protects your skin against oxidative stress and supports its protective barrier.


During our production, we use upcycling that prevents the formation of waste. We also collect our packaging back for re-use and upcycling.


We never add water and alcohol to our skincare to keep it at its most potent. Moreover, an independent lab analyzes each fresh batch for its antioxidant content and fatty-acid composition to guarantee efficacy.


Our ingredients undergo laboratory analysis of heavy metals, mycotoxins, and pesticides, to offer the best beauty product that is safe.


We source all our raw ingredients directly from the makers in Europe where our plants grow. Even the glass we use is made and patented in Europe.

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