Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil by Phaedra Botanicals

Powered by sustainable, safe-made, potent superfruit grown in southwestern France.

Ex Prūnīs is multi-functional beauty oil. It works as an intensive antioxidant treatment on all skin types and on your hair.


Ex Prūnīs is checked for 21 toxic contaminants; this control allows us to offer you the cleanest product. It is an essential-oil free and yet sensorial-rich nourishing beauty oil from France, full of precious antioxidants that protect your skin against oxidative stress and boost its natural barrier. Fortify your skin with essential fatty-acids, full-spectrum vitamin E, and rutin, the new fountain of youth.


More potent, alcohol- and preservative-free pure bio-active ingredient: that is what water-less skincare is all about.

It is time to clean up the beauty act.

Organic products do not undergo any tests of harmful contaminants, such as heavy metals that emerge from our polluted environment.

Our Ex Prūnīs underwent tests for 21 external contaminants, apart from containing solely certified organic ingredients.

Moreover, each fresh batch is analyzed for its antioxidant content to guarantee effectiveness.

Explore our circular movement.

As part of our commitment to preventing waste, we collect our packaging back to give it a new life via our collaboration with European projects. We currently have collection addresses in the UK, the Czech Republic, and Greece, where you can ship our packaging back for upcycling!

Drop us a message to request a collection address here.

"I've been using Ex Prūnīs for a few months now and it has become a necessary part of my daily routine. In fact, if I don't use it, my skin misses it."


"No oily residue, quick absorption, and wonderful glow. I bought the travel size to test it, and now just received my full-sized Ex Prūnīs."


"Ex Prūnīs does not irritate my skin, and it really hydrates while softening the look of fine lines."


"If you can afford one oil, this one should be it! I love this product so much I am using it on my children's faces too! This oil has cleared out their skin."


"Ex Prūnīs and homemade green tea mist and my skin is thriving!"

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