Purity Matters: Environmentally-Friendly, Organic + Checked for Harmful Contaminants, Including Heavy Metals

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Within every jar of Phaedra Botanicals' Ex Prūnīs lies the signature aroma and antioxidant remedy from organic Ente plums sourced and made with centuries-old expertise by French connoisseurs. If you want to make sure it is the perfect fit for you, you can now shop the mini version. Just select the smaller size on the Ex Prūnīs official page.

Message from our founder

There are two ways to look at the world around us. One allows us to see the possibilities and opportunities to improve ourselves even in the time of crisis; the other makes us feel powerless and insignificant. Perhaps, more than ever before, we now need to understand that we do have an impact and can make a change in our everyday lives that can influence thousands.



Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed through your pores; this is why knowing the purity, quality and origin of every single ingredient should be a starting point for your selection of skincare.

Responsible + Pure

We go that extra step for purity. Our raw ingredient is both organic and checked for harmful external contaminants, such as heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Slow-making guarantees the preservation of precious antioxidants while up-cycling during the production ensures minimal environmental impact.

The clean ingredient requires responsible packaging. Meticulous selection of glass of extraordinary quality prevents contamination and premature oxidation of our Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil.

"Smells divine and packs a punch of superb hydration. It sinks into the skin and livens up the face."

Catherine, USA

"I love this oil so much I am using it on my children's faces too, it has cleared out their skin as well as making their skin look flawless!

Andrea, USA

"EX PRŪNĪS brought me a great relief without the need of using corticoids so often due to my atopic eczema. It hydrates my skin deeply and smells absolutely amazing!"

Katerina, Czech Republic

"All the moisture and care my sun-damaged skin needs in one single product; that is EX PRŪNĪS!"

Hannah, Australia

"The bittersweetness of its aroma enchants me, and my skin drinks it like a desert rose thirsty for water. I love this oil serum."

Quinn, USA

"Everything that is not forbidden by laws of nature is achievable, given the right knowledge."

Steven Pinker

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