The skincare you use matters.

We are in business to improve the health of your skin.

Zero additives, no alcohol, and never diluted products go hand in hand with the use of certified organic and fully traceable ingredient subjected to the tests of external contaminants, including heavy metals.

Our Difference: traceability & transparency

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Ex Prunis Antioxidant Treatment Oil by Phaedra Botanicals
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We go that extra step for purity. Our raw ingredient is both organic and checked for external contaminants, including heavy metals. Moreover its place of origin is fully traceable.
Small production ensures a low environmental impact and freshness. Upcycling used during our production eliminates waste & careful selection of our raw ingredient guarantees effectiveness.
We provide full traceability for our packaging made within the EU. Violet glass of extraordinary quality prevents contamination of the bioactive ingredient and its oxidation.
You can trace each ingredient to its place of origin; starting with our Ex Prūnīs from organic Ente plums grown in the protected orchards in Lot-et-Garonne, France, where organic farming prevents toxicity in pollinating insects.

About Us

Phaedra Botanicals came into being at the initiative to create products with a pure, traceable ingredient checked for harmful contaminants not controlled in organic farming.

We believe purchasing a product that skin absorbs must be an informed decision in which knowing the origin and purity of every single ingredient is critical.

Join our Movement

Join Phaedra Botanicals' mission to dismiss toxic and harmful contaminants avoidable through a meticulous selection of each ingredient, its place of origin and laboratory analysis that yields the presence and absence of heavy metals and other harmful impurities.

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"Smells divine and packs a punch of superb hydration. It sinks into the skin and livens up the face."

Catherine, USA

"I love this oil so much I am using it on my children's faces too, it has cleared out their skin as well as making their skin look flawless!

Andrea, USA

"EX PRŪNĪS brought me a great relief without the need of using corticoids so often due to my atopic eczema. It hydrates my skin deeply and smells absolutely amazing!"

Katerina, Czech Republic

"All the moisture and care my sun-damaged skin needs in one single product; that is EX PRŪNĪS!"

Hannah, Australia

"The bittersweetness of its aroma enchants me, and my skin drinks it like a desert rose thirsty for water. I love this oil serum."

Quinn, USA

“Everyone thinks the principal thing to the tree is the fruit, but in point of fact the principal thing to it is the seed.”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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