Addressing a circular economy

A circular economy is an economy in which waste and pollution do not exist by design, and products and materials are kept in use, giving space to the regeneration of natural resources.




Slowing and narrowing our production and extending our ingredients lifetime has been our priority from day one. Our creations were, are and will remain quality-, not quantity-driven.

STAGE 1: Resources & Production

It begins with the selection of our resources.

Selecting responsibly sourced, fully traceable and organic ingredients can prevent environmental harm and unnecessary pollution that is not immediately noticeable but in the long term can define the quality of the resources of future generations. Here is where the bees and pollinating insects represent an excellent example.

The tremendous increase in toxicity caused by pesticides goes hand in hand with a decrease in the number of vital pollinating insects. Apart from preventing further spread of harmful pesticides, selecting products from organic farming prevents the additional impact of toxic chemicals on both the environment and our health.


Whenever you can, select either product where all ingredients are source from organic farming or wild-harvested in the region where sustainable methods prevent damage to the local environment. Avoid using products that contain ingredients that suffer from a global shortage, such as, for example, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit Extract (2019 shortage).




Narrowing Loops

A selection of less ingredient with higher biological potential allows us to close the loop of our resources, making quality control more manageable. The low quantity of raw components is compensated by their extraordinary quality achieved through a meticulous selection and scientific analysis of the natural elements used in our skincare.

Reducing Waste During Production

Whenever possible, our partners and we employ modern techniques to eliminate waste. For example, during the creation of our Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil, the residue from the organic Ente plums is up-cycled to create peeling powders for cosmetic use.

Shortening Supply Chains

Returning to the source shortens our supply chains. By sourcing directly from artisanal producers who use local resources, we unlock the extraordinary freshness of potent plants and save energy and fuels in our supply chain. Our supply chains and product flow are subject to constant change as we continue to seek new ways to save energy.

Extending Our Ingredients Lifetime

Various measures secure the freshness and extent the lifetime and potential of our ingredients. The first measure takes place during the production in which the raw supplies undergoes minimal processing required to extract the bio-active component. The second measure comes with the packaging that is specially selected to prevent any penetration of light that can speed up the process of oxidation, thus guaranteeing a longer lifetime of the bio-active compounds within our products. The third measure follows up in our repository, where the product is kept under the most favorable condition in the temperature-controlled room to preserve its potent properties and freshness.



If you want to extend the ingredients lifetime of your product, keep it in the original packaging, in a dry place away from light and direct sunlight and ideally in a storage temperature between 15-20 degrees Celsius (59-68 Fahrenheit) and always close the container quickly after using.


STAGE 2: Circulation

Distribution is a critical element in business that can lead to both increase and decrease in fuel and energy spent. We continuously analyze the geographical origin of interest in our products adding responsible partners to our stockists who can support and sustain the local distribution outside the EU. We encourage our overseas clients to shop from them.

Learn more about Stage 3, the so-called 2020 INITIATIVE that will Close the Loop and convert our company fully to the circular economy.


Photo credit: V. Doshi; USGS

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