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 If green beauty is your go-to, you might know a thing or two about organic beauty products. Unfortunately, you might also be familiar with the fact that these words snowball into buzz words used by just about anyone, even by those who offer highly diluted products in which the active ingredient does not constitute more than 25% of the content.


Natural and clean labelling in cosmetics is highly subjective in the industry due to lack of regulatory bodies. A product filled with alcohol and water is natural, but we would not expect you to buy such a product if you knew that these two ingredients were forming more than 70% of your beauty serum.


Priority #1: Return to Dynamic Undiluted Ingredients

When we began our research for Phaedra Botanicals’ first product, we wanted to offer a clean extract with zero alcohol and zero water. We required the most precious from nature undiluted. We had to go back to the source and ignore the conventional ways of making skincare.  

From our colleagues who work in the lab, we learnt that a single ingredient could demonstrate a broad spectrum of antioxidant activity, from the poorest to the most potent. The power of the plant relied directly on the place of cultivation. Thus we had to search for pristine and protected orchards where the soil would not be contaminated and therefore could carry clean fruits.


We wanted the product unaltered and not-diluted, free from water, alcohol and harmful contaminants, and subjected to thorough analysis that could demonstrate high antioxidant content to prevent the need for additives. These priorities led us to the meticulous selection of the fully-ripe organic Ente plum fruits grown in the protected orchards in France.


Priority #2: Return to Fresh

In skincare, most cosmetic labs have high MQO (Minimum Quantity Order) because, unfortunately, most of the products out there are massively produced. Why? Massive production is cheaper. Making small batches can be impractical and expensive.

On the other hand, making skincare at home can not match the strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that offer unified quality control and prevent any contamination, which is critical in undiluted, water-less skincare that contains no preservatives.

A natural ingredient is most potent when fresh, in the same way, that fresh fruit is most nutritious when picked from the tree fully ripe.


For this reason, we return straight to the source, working directly with producers while collaborating with labs that are GMP-certified and accept the production of small quantities.

That is how we achieved producing Ex Prūnīs in small amounts, fresh. Making small batches prevents long storage. Furthermore, we always store Ex Prūnīs in 24/7 temperature-controlled rooms, out of direct sunlight to preserve freshness.

Priority #3: Purity

 The third of the essential matters in our skincare is knowing the purity of each ingredient. For that particular reason, we work in close collaboration with various labs or producers that subject their ingredient to thorough analysis, including external contaminants, such as heavy metals that are not controlled in organic farming. It allows us to offer a truly pure product of extraordinary quality.

Measuring the bio-active compounds within, checking the purity of each ingredient and keeping our skincare free from alcohol is what makes our Ex Prūnīs suitable even for those with sensitive skin that look for BEYOND ORGANIC.

 To learn more, explore FAQ and Ex Prūnīs Difference.

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