The Illustrative Catalogue of an American Botanist

Cuba, 1820s. Anne Kingsbury Wollstonecraft, North American botanist, naturalist, women's rights advocate, and illustrator settles in Cuba after the death of her husband to map and document the island's flora in a beautifully crafted manuscript that presents a vibrant catalogue of local plants.

The time is that of the wars of independence. Spaniards are creating colonies in the Americas, and slavery is leaving stigmata in Cuba's psyche.

However, at the time of Anne Kingsbury, coffee cultivation peaks in the island and by the late 1820s, Cuba blossoms into the wealthiest colony on earth thanks to sugar production. This richness is paralleled in the botanical world, as illustrated by Anne.

Wollstonecraft, Anne Kingsbury. Specimens of the Plants And Fruits of the Island of Cuba (3 Volumes).

Her exquisite writing is now available for reading and adoration in its digitalised form created by Cornell University to all of us via Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Illustrations Nos. 1-3 from Volume 1

Wollstonecraft, A. Kingsbury. Specimens of the plants and fruits of the island of Cuba (3 volumes)

Illustration 2, Volume 1 by Anne Kingsbury Wollstonecraft

Volume 1, Illustration 3 by Anne Kingsbury Wollstonecraft

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