2020 Initiative - The Interview

Maël, a quiet, charming fellow, who had worked with us and contributed to our site in the past, has taken up the challenge to explore the 2020 INITIATIVE with us, one of the most significant challenges we have faced so far.




Closing the Loop of Circular Economy by Phaedra Botanicals


April 2020 marks two essential dates; the one is globally significant; the other is rather personal. This April 22 will mark 50 years of Earth Day, whereas precisely one week earlier, April 15 will conclude the very first year of Phaedra Botanicals. As a part of the celebration of both, Phaedra Botanicals 2020 INITIATIVE targets the full transformation of the brand to the circular economy.

Maël: Why is the 2020 INITIATIVE the most significant challenge yet?

It is because of the broad collaboration it requires. When we began, we could choose to go back to the source with small, responsible producers that worked with the principles we admire. It was merely our decision. We could narrow down the loop, focusing on minimal resources with maximum efficiency and quality. However, this part requires the support of our customers, partners and many others. So the scale is much larger and thus represents a more significant challenge.

Maël: Tell us more about the 2020 INITIATIVE and how others can participate.

To transfer fully to the circular economy and conclude the challenge of doing more with less, while avoiding the creation of waste, we need to start with two critical steps.

The first is to collect the used packaging back; the second is to find partnerships that will help us to put the raw material back into circulation.

The first is the one where our customers can help by keeping the packaging of Ex Prūnīs, washing it with soap and warm water and sending it back to us for a common purpose: to eliminate waste. Our work is to find a way to make it worthwhile. We will be emailing everyone during April with further information, and I am positive that many will participate.

Maël: Apart from your customers who have purchased your product, are there any other ways to get involved for individuals and companies?


Yes, definitely! We have already been contacted by environmentally-friendly magazines and bloggers who want to help because they see the worth in our movement and understand that it is time for the circular economy to become the new standard. Even sharing this story by anyone who reads it is great assistance that helps to spread the word and gets people curious about the circular economy.

During April, we will release our full Circular Policy Statement, which will outline all the steps that have taken from narrowing down the loop during the production to the final phase of closing the loop, which represents our current challenge.

Many useful tips that can be used by anyone will accompany the statement together with resources for those who want to learn more about the circular economy. Anyone interested can sign up for our Newsletter.

Maël: So I understand there is more coming this month.


Yes, precisely. We do not want to overwhelm people with information, so we will take small bites in releasing our updates, gradually and through different channels. However, I would like to personally invite both companies and individuals who work with up-cycling plastic to get in touch with us so we can discuss the possibility of a collaboration. Anyone can learn more about the materials used in our packaging on our site.


Ex Prūnīs antioxidační výživný olej

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