Nutrition: the Matter of Fresh

Most of us are familiar with both: processed and fresh food; we have even heard that while the former is bad for our health, the latter is beneficial. However, rarely do we know how fresh is the food we eat. Unless you live in an area where fresh fruits are abundant most of the year, and farmers' markets overflow with colorful veggies, you probably do not know how long it took for the vegetables and fruits you buy to get to the store where you purchased it.

Fruits and veggies, our most abundant source of vitamins and minerals, offer a rich range of critical nutrients to our bodies and all of its organs, including the skin. To provide the highest amount of valuable and vital elements for our health, they must be picked up ripe and delivered to our tables as fast as possible. Once picked and stored for a longer time, they gradually lose their value.

The same applies to the biodynamic ingredients within skincare. When sourced from nature, it is vital to keep the batches small as to offer the most potent form of its natural properties or chose reliable components that are very high in antioxidants and prevent early oxidation of the beneficial properties within.

Eating fresh food and delivering beneficial, clean nutrition through our skincare is critical and mandatory for our skin, hair, and health to thrive.

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