Message of Solidarity From Our Founder

There are many things we cannot control in our lives and many that we can. The majority seem to be always focusing on the former, feeling their impact is insufficient. However, when we refocus our minds, we find ourselves in a brand new world, one in which our actions have an immediate effect. And they do. Perhaps now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to realize that our actions and behaviour directly influences those around us.

 Message from our founder


Over the past two weeks, I have been observing the changes around from a distance. I live on a hill surrounded by a protected forest, olive and wine fields and yet from my working desk; I can see the high road that leads to the capital city of Greece. Peaking over the green area to the high way, I noticed some changes in the density and frequency of traffic. More than that, I have not seen much difference so far; apart from the drastically rising numbers of victims and decreasing updates from my overworked friends who currently fight in the front lines: doctors.

What can we learn from this worldwide crisis? Can we take things back to the normal? Perhaps, living our lives day by day while not losing the sight of what is essential might hold an opportunity for a change and demonstrate that relying on our governments will never be sufficient. Our own current action and inaction can take us down the right or wrong path that will determine our future since we are the building blocks for better or worst tomorrow. 

" our lives day by day while not losing the sight of what is essential might hold an opportunity for a change..." 

If you cast your mind a couple of weeks ago and someone told you the schools, offices, shops and public gatherings would be all closed or cancelled, would you believe it? And yet, here we are, living precisely that scenario. Although we do not know what will be in a week or two, one thing is certain, in this crisis as in any other, gain and loss will come hand in hand. Let us hope that it will be a time remembered for positive improvisation and solidarity that opened new possibilities that might shake us loose from old habits and ways.

It this time of crisis, let us also think of those in the front lines. When we decide to wear a mask, gloves, or stay at home, we do not merely follow orders; we make their work much more manageable, while not following these preventive measures can have a far-reaching impact that complicates their efforts. I plead for the medical workers who have, to some extend, became the miracle workers behind the scenes of this worldwide crisis.

I also plead for the Earth. We should not forget that although the current crisis is taking most of the space in the news, we are in the middle of the climate change crisis as well. As Peter Baker in his recent column so eloquently put it, the current crisis, together with climate change, will require global cooperation and "changes in behavior today in the name of reducing suffering tomorrow." With the upcoming Earth Day celebration that is becoming half a century old, let us not forget our planet.


Stay safe and healthy,


Photo credit: USGS

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