PB welcomes Alexis Manson

Unexpectedly, on June 5th, we at Phaedra Botanicals have welcomed our first ambassador. Although not planned, this came to be as if meant all along. Alexis, or Lexi, in short, became like a fresh breeze after a lengthy lockdown. Her enthusiasm, raw positive energy, will-power, and purposefulness have surprised us and firmly grabbed our attention. If you frequently visit our site or social media, you must have already seen her contagious smile. Here you can learn a little more about her personality, likes, and how she became a part of our family.


Alexis grew up in the United States and currently works as a model in Boston and New York. She worked with various clients such as TJMAXX, CVS, Wayfair, ADAY, Misha and Puff, AptDeco, Bearaby, and many more. Our communication with her began on IG. She became curious about our brand and, shortly after becoming familiar with it, purchased her own Ex Prūnīs. But it was not solely her enthusiasm for our product that got her interested in working with us; when asked what made her want to become our brand ambassador, she answers:


'First, and foremost, I fell in love with the team. Their transparency and kindness warm my entire soul. When I finally ordered the product, I fell in love with how the product made my skin feel.'


Early life


As a child, Lexi was not the most law-abiding daughter her parents hoped for; constant screams of her half pronounced name such as "A...lec" or "xis" were the norm. Born in Bloomfield, five miles from Hartford, Connecticut, and raised by her half Ngäbe* mother and a country father, Lexi had a fantastic childhood. Until today, it is her mother, who remained her greatest inspiration and kept her living in Connecticut long after Lexi's started her modeling career.


*Ngäbe is the most numerous indigenous group in Panama and Costa Rica.

Raised by a family who taught her never to settle, or allow anyone to disrespect or insult the character her parents worked so hard to shape, she has a will and energy comparable with Koenigsegg Regera's horsepower. She does not allow society to dictate her destiny, which is something we profoundly adore.

Phaedra Botanicals team welcomes Alexis Manson

'If you have a passion in your life, it is imperative to take hold of it!'

Who has inspired her the most? The women who raised her, of course. 'My grandmother, who is 99, is a woman dear to my heart. It was her work ethic and honest nature that has made my mom who she is. The person I am today is because of the two of them.'

Alexis journey to enlightenment

Three years ago, Lexi was diagnosed with Lupus, a long-term autoimmune disorder in which the body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue. She immediately changed her entire lifestyle. She started to meditate every day to keep her stress low and moved over to the pescatarian diet to go vegan eventually. She also stays close to her friends and family to maintain balance.


Phaedra Botanicals welcomes Alexis Manson


Where does she see herself in five years from now? 'I hope to start a family and have a more stable modeling career. I also plan to complete my college education and get a degree in Digital Marketing Management and get an Executive MBA. I'm working each day toward these goals.'

I love to paint, read, spend quality time with my nephew Timothy (he is my best friend [for those of you who follow Alexis on IG, you must be familiar with her adorable nephew]) and my family and friends. I also like shopping online and having game nights.

Favorite Books
Becoming (by Michelle Obama), More Than Enough (by Elaine Welteroth), Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austin), and All Over But the Shoutin' (by Rick Bragg).

I am a very creative person who strives to be the best person possible. I am also genuine to who I am.

What she loves

'I love feeling purposeful. It's not always an easy task, but through meditation, I have discovered a lot about myself. I love to champion and encourage women never to stop reaching, being surrounded by family, trying to be the best version of myself.'


We indeed could not imagine Alexis being any better than she already is in her own natural and adorable way.


Photo credits: Anya Tabakova

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