Or a cosmetic cabinet is dedicated to conscious beauty and discussions with environmentally-conscious women who can inspire change.

Let's face it; our best skincare decisions are not the result of talks with sellers or internet search; they come from our friends' advice. Whenever I get together with friends, they inspire me with some new ecological dental floss they tested, while I share my experience with my new zero-waste beauty moisturizer. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to learn new things in skincare and get inspired. When a suggestion comes from a friend, it is usually the one that can bring the most exciting discoveries and change, both for the apparent reason; a good friend knows us and knows what we desire.

Armoire Cosmétique developed as an idea that was born out of the realization of the above. I knew some women inspired me and gave me tips, and I wanted them to start a discussion. Although I have always been a very conscious consumer, I often get surprised by something I did not know existed. I participated in many conversations about clean skincare to lower my environmental impact and cause no harm to my health. I know that if a friend suggests a moisturizer to me or I suggest a product to a friend, we will both end up satisfied. So I decided to invite some environmentally conscious women to discuss skincare they currently use and let them ask a friend to see how their cosmetic cabinets compare. The conversation got interesting.

Why? As women, we all sometimes need to feel inspired, and we all sometimes feel insecure about our decisions. Thus, this is an improvised conversation that invites you to participate in the discussion of clean beauty. You can even appoint green champions who always give you the best advice in pure skincare and nominate them as our potential future contributors. All you need to do is take part in the discussion and commentary that will follow.

In this first column, we have invited Mia Hadrill from Elephant Parade who runs a blog dedicated to a plastic-free movement and inspires people to use less plastic via her IG account. Similarly to the first contributor to our visual series, Tereza Navrátilová, Mia got inspired to change her ways in Asia.

'I lived in South East Asia for nearly four years, which was the tipping point for me. I saw plastic pollution in the rivers, rainforests, and ocean, yet at the same time was making more plastic waste than ever before. I had to make changes to my lifestyle. I decided that I didn't want to contribute any more in excess toward an increasing environmental crisis.'