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Welcome to Phaedra Botanicals' Stockist Opportunity

Phaedra Botanicals sells its products exclusively through this Web-Shop and selected events.

We are open to partnerships with professional spas and concept stores within the EU, the USA, and Australia, provided that they have aligned core values with us.

We believe that our customers deserve to know their skincare, where it came from, and how much it was altered. Selecting and keeping each ingredient's quality is an expensive and challenging task, which is why we focus on offering fewer products with exceptional quality.

In our skincare, we guarantee the raw natural state of the ingredient, the high value, high bio-active concentration, and purity.

Phaedra Botanicals does not offer a mass-market product manufactured in high qualities, but unique freshly made and thoroughly analyzed skin treatments that we reserve for those who share our ethos. We look to partner with businesses that strive to achieve a high level of excellence and to provide their customers with 100% pure and never diluted products.

Our support

We offer broad-spectrum support to our partners from marketing, social media presence, promotions, and training that aim to establish a good knowledge of our skincare and introduce our different approaches to skin treatments.


To create a long-lasting and blooming partnership founded in mutual respect, we present you with an initial inquiry that can effectively simplify the process of partnering and helping us assist you more productively.

Please, fill in your details, and tell us a little bit about your business, ethos, and vision. We will review your application and get back to you within seven business days to discuss the next steps.

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