What triggered the creation of Phaedra Botanicals?

It has been many years since I came to live in Greece and started to eat solely the food I buy in local biological markets. My life transformed so drastically when I started to shop there. Food started to taste rich again; I could smell fresh red peppers and carrots. It became exciting.

This sensorial richness is something I missed not only in my diet but also in my skincare. After a little while, I realised just about every product used essential oils and the most common were in every merchandise, elements such as Linalool and Limonene, known allergens. Vitamin E was added to skincare and often methylated. It eventually reached so far that I cut all the products from my skincare. I found it impossible that there were no ingredients in nature with readily high contents of vitamin E and pleasant scent.

That became the reason behind the creation of Phaedra Botanicals and its core purpose - to seek the most potent in nature and offer it in a pure form to our customers while letting them know where it came from, how it was made and what are the active biological compounds within it.

What makes Phaedra Botanicals unique and distinguishable from other brands?

I think it is chiefly our approach and attention to every detail. We take every aspect personally and overlook each step of the production to guarantee its quality. We work solely with connoisseurs who use responsible techniques, produce the highest quality and lower the impact on the environment by choosing methods such as up-cycling used during the production of our EX PRŪNĪS.

Our core value was always personal. We wanted to evaluate each component and stage of our product, make it fresh, know where it came from, how was it sourced, collected, processed, that it was not rushed. Knowing each detail was critical. That is why, in our beginnings, we dropped a lot of potential partners. It took time, but we are thrilled with the results now, and they were worth to wait for; we found terrific cooperators in France, each fresh batch is kept small and analysed so the product that circulates is of the highest quality and safe for each of our customers; as that is what matters the most to us. I was surprised to realise that in organic farming, heavy metals are often not controlled, but we do it, and our clients have the right to know everything there is to know about the product they buy.

Some people consider natural products ineffective, would you agree?

Natural ingredients often come from plants and fruits that have been studied for much longer and by many more scholars than the synthetic compounds used in skincare today. There are tons of studies on biological compounds present in Prunus domestica, the Ente plum that gave birth to our EX PRŪNĪS oil. In fact, there are so many that the European Union classified it as a potent antioxidant allowing it to be used as a marketing claim by cosmetics companies. Natural ingredients are known and covered by various studies, thus allowing for an unbiased understanding of each element within them. Their impact on the skin is confirmed by reviews and their potential to penetrate the epidermis as well. We share many of these studies in our posts and will continue to do so. Moreover, when compared to synthetic components in skincare, the natural compounds in the topical application are not only active but also safe, which is why the people who chose our products and I use them.

What do health and beauty mean to you?

Health is what I always wish to people in the first place - you cannot do much in this world without it. If you have it, protect it as the most precious thing in the world, because it is.

Beauty, for me, means being comfortable in your own skin. I love that we all look different; it is that contrast that makes this world so exciting to observe - the diversity in nature and among us. Women and men, when comfortable with themselves, can be beautiful in any form, shape and shade.