Introducing a contemporary approach to non-toxic skincare.

We push the boundaries of non-toxic skincare to the next level with sustainability and responsibility: no compromises.

Our ingredient is organic and free from harmful levels of contaminants; we review each component individually to guarantee purity suitable even for consumption.

Given the abundance of plants in the world, we use no ingredients derived from animals or made by them.

Our selection of raw materials for our products is quality- not quantity-driven; this way, we can best control our products' purity and effectiveness.

We believe this devotion to excellence will find appreciation from those who seek the exceptional.

Disrupting the standards

The year is 2020, and it is no longer adequate to buy certified organic. Environmental pollution put unsafe contaminants in our soil, water, food, and bodies. They circulate within the atmosphere in a cycle that distributes them all around. We believe that checking these harmful contaminants should become the new standard in both food and skincare.

We know that a new path can disrupt old ways and habbits, which is why we go beyond the familiar and challenge the status quo.