Phaedra's Rewards

We want to extend our gratitude to your support for fresh, pure and undiluted skincare. There are various ways to gain rewards with Phaedra Botanicals.


Signing up for our Newsletter


Phaedra Botanicals currently offers 15% discount on your first order when you sign up to the Newsletter. To sign up, scroll down the page to the footer menu and type your email to the field that reads: My email address.


Phaedra's Loyalty Program


When you become our member, each action you take in our store or via social media brings you rewards in the form of points that equal euros that you save; 500 points equal 5€, 1000 points equal 10€ saved next time you visit our Web-Shop.


How do I sign up?


It is simple. If you are not an active member yet, fill in the form here. If you have already signed up, log into your account and start to collect the points by taking action or making a purchase. Click on the gift icon in the bottom left corner and explore all the ways to gain rewards. Your Phaedra's reward points will accumulate, and you can redeem your points on future orders.


Please note: points and discounts received based on actions described above cannot be redeemed during sale periods, on freight charges, or when an automatic discount is currently available.


Ways to earn points


Solely by signing up, you receive 200 points in Phaedra's reward program. When you place an order (using the account and email with which you signed up), the amount is immediately doubled (400 points), and you can already claim 4€ discount during your next order.


Sharing and follows on social media can earn you up to 100 points, while our Referrals can offer you even better deals.




When you refer us to a friend, your friend immediately receives 10€, which he/she can claim in our Web-Shop. Once he/she uses her 10€ reward in our Web-Shop, you will receive the same amount you can use on your next purchase. Explore Phaedra's rewards now by signing up/in and clicking on the gift icon in the bottom left corner here.