Product Philosophy

What makes the best product?

Knowing each detail and aspect while making a product can make a whole lot of difference. Thus, we can only achieve the best outcome when taking every single element into account, through a thorough review and selection of the most outstanding quality, every step of the way.

There are primary factors when it comes to making exceptional skincare: packaging and contents. They both are critical because the quality of the former can influence the quality of the latter.

Product Packaging Philosophy


When it comes to primary packaging, its quality can make the difference between long-lasting bioactive ingredients free from harmful contaminants, and quickly diminishing bioactive ingredient, potentially contaminated.

That is why the selection of the highest quality glass-packaging is our very first concern.

At Phaedra Botanicals, we use only safe, European, patented biophotonic glass due to environmental and safety concerns. Even our small-sized products circulate in a biophotonic glass of the highest quality to deliver a fresh and effective product.

Our glass prevents any penetration of light that leads to faster decay of our bioactive ingredient.

The range of tests performed on our packaging demonstrates safety and non-harmfulness, and the absence of any migrating harmful substances.

What is a biophotonic glass?

ΒΙΟ, meaning "life" in Greek, and ΦΩΣ, meaning light is a glass that protects and prolongs the lifetime of the bioactive ingredient by filtering sun rays, including infrared, UVA and visible light.

While transparent, amber and green glass is, to a certain extent, subject to the destructive influences of light, our biophotonic glass filters out harmful rays, prolonging the shelf life and efficiency of the product inside. It acts as a barrier, preserving the energy of the bioactive ingredient stored within.

Any other materials used in our packaging are kept to the necessary minimum and are not in direct contact with our ingredient. Polyolefin and colorants used in our pipette's grip and sealing parts comply with all applicable laws within the EU.

Safe glass

The work we dedicate to the review of our raw ingredients and their safety would go to waste if we did not use responsibly made glass.

In our supply chain, we ensure the highest quality of all raw materials. Our glass is compliant with ISO (ISO 719:1985, ISO 7086-2:2000) and EU directives (Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004; packaging directive 94/62/EC, article 11  (related to heavy metals), EC decision 2001/171/EC, 2006/340/EC); as well as with the Commission Regulation (EC) No 987/2008.

We source all our primary packaging from the Netherlands, Europe.

Other materials

Although kept to the minimum, our packaging contains a small plastic part at the top of the glass pipette to seal the container. The plastic component is not in direct contact with our oil.

Polyolefin used in this section complies in its composition and purity to the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 of 14 January 2011, including its amendments (EU) No. 1282/2011, No. 1183/2012, No. 202/2014, No. 2015/174, No. 2016/1416, No.2017/752, No.2018/79, No.2018/213, and No. 2018/831.

Moreover, its composition meets the requirements of the FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 "Olefin Polymers" as well as European Pharmacopoeia 9th Edition of the Groundwork 2017, including its various supplements.


The colorants used for coloring polymers parts in our packaging are not in direct contact with the oil and consist of mixtures of different pigments and carrier materials, all corresponding with the purity laws of the EU Resolution AP (89) 1. All additives comply with the Regulation (EC) 10/2011, including the amendments (EC) 321/2011, 1282/2011, 1183/2012, 202/2014, 865/2014, 2015/174, 2016/1416, and 20417/752.


All our materials used for packaging comply with the European and American regulations for materials in contact with foodstuffs, and with the European Pharmacopoeia, thus ensuring non-toxicity and prevention of contamination of our bio-active ingredient.

We are happy to provide further information upon request.


Given the high quality of our ingredient, we select only packaging that prevents any spills. As such, a high-quality glass pipette allows you to distribute small amounts of our precious oils for application.


Minimalism, minimalism, minimalism. We use skin-color-tones for our branding, delivering a minimalistic design, and avoiding unnecessary packaging. Each packaging has the potential to end up as waste; thus, less is always better.


We believe each company should offer solutions for preventing the formation of waste. Our investment in high-quality-packaging goes hand in hand with its potential to be continuously reused. Recycling should be the very last option.

Our background in maritime research had made the zero-waste movement a must when we were going into business. We collect back all our primary packaging for reuse and upcycling to prevent the formation of waste. It also allowed us to form new exciting partnerships in the European Union.

If you want to send your Phaedra Botanicals packaging back, please request a collection address by sending us an email with your location to or contact us via our contact form. Please, make sure you follow these instructions before you ship the packaging back to us.


If you are aiming for long-lasting packaging, quality is not optional; it is necessary. Thus our glass has high strength and can withstand many shocks. In the early days of the company, we tested the biophotonic glass for our primary packaging by dropping it on a stone floor. It would chip but would not break easily.


Another critical factor in our selection was: is it easy to clean? If we wanted our customers to ship our packaging back for sterilization, reuse, and in case of small plastic sealing parts for upcycling, we needed to be sure; each piece could be easily cleaned. As such, you can fully unmount our packaging into its components that can be quickly soaked in warm water and rinsed. We use no harsh glues for our etiquette so that you can remove it promptly.



Quality, transparency, and environmental concerns become challenging when one sources ingredients from multiple suppliers across various continents. Certified organic is never a guarantee of purity per se.

That is why we at Phaedra Botanicals answer to the ethical code of sourcing the minimum of 70% of our products from the organic farming within the European Union. Furthermore, all our ingredients undergo a review of purity and effectiveness and must be fully traceable to their place of origin. Only then we consider it.

We also give preference to quality over quantity, selecting a few ingredients of exceptional bio-potency. Most brands provide their customers with long ingredient lists while having insufficient knowledge of how one component might impact the bio-dynamics of another, a matter not distinguishable without comprehensive scientific analysis.

We give preference to thoroughly analyzed ingredients of extraordinary quality, narrowing down our loop. As such, we focus on narrow and short supply chains for the sake of our bio-active components, their transparency, freshness, quality, and, of course, the protection of our planet.


Whenever possible, we give preference to upcycled raw materials that would otherwise be discarded, provided they hold extraordinary biological potential. Seeds are an excellent example here.

The Ente plum famed in France has an incredible antioxidant potential much of which is in its seeds. These are unfortunately not edible. By slow mechanical process, however, these seeds yield a precious golden oil with very high levels of valuable antioxidants beneficial for the skin.

Instead of adding synthetic or methylated substitutes to our skincare, we find an ingredient with high antioxidant levels and excellent stability.


❊ organic or wild-harvested in a remote, pristine region

❊ thoroughly checked for harmful contaminants, including but not limited to pesticides

❊ packaged in the highest quality container that guarantees no contamination of its contents

❊ always analyzed for its bio-active ingredient to ensure the effectiveness

❊ never diluted


❊ responsibly sourced under safe conditions in compliance with social and environmental rules by authorized suppliers using voluntary labor

❊ manufactured WITHOUT the use of Nano-technology

❊ no materials of human or animal origin are used or come in contact with the product during the manufacturing process

❊ created in safe ISO certified-lab under sterilized conditions

❊ made without any animal- or animal-sourced ingredient

❊ free from any contamination of any animal parts during any stage of production, packaging, and delivery

❊ never tested on animals in any form

❊ sourced from a country, which complies with the Nagoya protocol and is not endangered according to the Access/Benefit Sharing (Biodiversity) regulation

❊ free from CMR compounds of category 1A, 1B, 2 banned for use in cosmetic products within the EU

❊ free from any materials listed in the Californian Safe Program Proposition 65

❊ grown without the use of sewer sludge

❊ synthetics-free

❊ additive-free

❊ preservatives-free

❊ GMO-free

❊ alcohol-free

❊ unrefined (raw)

❊ water-less