We prefer pressing our ingredients from seeds that would otherwise be discarded for two excellent reasons: seeds have exceptional properties. They are rich in beneficial active compounds, and by utilizing them, we simultaneously eliminate waste.

Our beloved Ex Prūnīs Antioxidant Treatment Oil is created by upcycling the seeds of organic Ente plums. Any waste generated during the cold-pressing is then further upcycled to make exfoliating powders for cosmetic use.

Back to the source

We eliminate the middle man sourcing all our ingredients directly from the makers within the EU. It allows us to control the freshness and quality of every single component delivered to our clients, and it saves up energy.


We have discontinued our product boxes to go completely zero waste. We follow the circular economy model, collecting all our packaging back for reuse and upcycling. Our bags in which our products circulate are starch-based and compostable in an industrial environment.